Jouw Juweeltjes Brand Story

I worked at a fancy office, had an excellent salary, bought myself a beautiful apartment in Amsterdam's city center, and had a top-of-the-line car that took me everywhere I wanted to go.

Every night, I went out for dinner and enjoyed luxury and decadence. I attracted a partner who adored me; what more could I wish for? 

But then, I started to slip without really noticing it, and I lost my grip on life. 

I ended up with a burn-out. I was giving more than I had to offer and could not set my boundaries. 

One of the worst things I remember was that burnout was not visible. I clearly remember thinking it would be easier to have a broken arm than a broken spirit.

People did not understand what I was going through

Luckily, the company that hired me valued its employees highly, and I was assigned a personal coach. 

She was a fantastic woman who told me the moment I walked into her consultation that she saw a rainbow of energy entering her office when I was burned out and empty. 

I felt as dark as could be. It regularly passed my mind that I wanted to jump out the window of my penthouse.

Something in me believed the words of my coach; something in me felt that I was a rainbow of energy. 

But then, why weren't my colors shining through? Why couldn't I show my beautiful colors?

This Began My Search For More…

That’s when I started wearing crystals. They could help me find my inner strength. 

I wore Rose Quartz to rekindle my love for myself, my partner, my family, and my life. I choose an Amethyst to strengthen my connection with my higher self. 

It helped me remember that I came here for a reason. From a deep and ancient memory came the words: The souls are lining up to be born in these times. How could it be that souls were lining up, and I had no desire to be here? I was chosen, yet I could not find my sparkle. 

My coach gave me an energetic healing session, and I was fortunate to get a healing session with my partner.

I immediately felt what a difference it made; where I was swimming in a void of boredom and noninterest, I got a glimmer of hope and began to see the light.

Fast forward to now, I have moved to a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea and am sharing my knowledge and experience about healing, gemstones, and so much more.I got my sparkle back, and with Jouw Juweeltjes, I want to inspire more women to believe in themselves and learn to love themselves. 

Every bracelet and necklace is carefully crafted to ignite the inner glow and our ability to sparkle and create. The woman is holy and beautiful, and we must remind ourselves that we have a value that no one else can give us but ourselves.

There is no need to worry about the future or regret our past. We only live now; that is why we need to seize the moment. Let’s enjoy life and be a rainbow of colors to shine our beautiful light into the world!

“Carpe punctum, seize the moment and life with flair.”

Michelle, Jouw Juweeltjes